World Cup 2018 Betting Daily Lucky Draw Promo

World Cup 2018 Betting Daily Lucky Draw Promo

The greatest show on earth – World Cup 2018 is here, this means there’s World Cup betting a lot of opportunity to make huge amount of money. In addition, many online sports betting site will have a special promotion offered. This is to attract possible new customers that will place wagers at world cup 2018. For instance the world cup 2018 betting daily lucky draw promo. Only few offer this kind of reward, and one of them is QQ882.

World Cup 2018 Betting Daily Lucky Draw Promo

World Cup 2018 Betting Daily Lucky Draw Promo
World Cup 2018 Betting Daily Lucky Draw Promo

One of the best things about this online sports betting website is that when there’s a special event, they made it their way to make promotions that is dedicated to it. One of those is the world cup 2018 daily lucky draw promo. As part of the special rewards, this has a limited time offer, once the tournament ends, so is this promo.

A huge amount of over MYR 10,000 is given away to winners of this promo. QQ882 will draw winners by the end of the day. Three winners will win huge amount of money, for the 1st prize winner MYR 2,800, 2nd MYR 1,700 and 3rd MYR 1,100. Luckily the QQ882 betting site also draws 400 consolation prize, so you don’t have to worry even if you didn’t win the grand prize.

Each winner will get their rewards automatically added to their accounts. And the best part of it is that previous winners can still win the world cup 2018 lucky draw for the upcoming days. This means you can win real money rewards just by betting on world cup 2018 each day!

World Cup 2018 Lucky Draw Reward

Other Big Promotions Offered

Once this promo ends, do not worry there are still over 20 rewards that you can enjoy. From live dealer games, slot machines and online sports betting promos they got you all covered. One of their best promotions today is the free vip level upgrade. This one is a great chance to become a Diamond level member of QQ882 without spending a lot of money. All you need is to place a wager on any product for real, for example at world cup 2018 at least once a month. Then after 3 months, from regular member your level will increase to bronze member, it continues every 3 months.

Extra Bonus 200%

Another sports betting promotion that you can enjoy while betting on world cup 2018 is the extra bonus 200%. Here you can withdraw your money anytime you want. This promo can grant you rewards up to MYR 9,000 based on the example found at QQ882 once you have finished the required turnover rate. Remember this, all of QQ882 promos comes with general terms and conditions, if you have violated one, the site have the authority to cancel your promo.


World cup 2018 is fun and exciting when you place a wager on your favorite teams or players. However, when you have stumbled upon a nasty website you will never get the chance to get your hands on your money. Therefore, instead of wasting your time looking for a reliable site, why not try QQ882. As you can see there’s many good bonuses offered here that can make your online betting experience worth.

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