Pros and Cons of Multi-Table Live Dealer Gaming

Pros and Cons of Multi-Table Live Dealer Gaming

One of the best reasons to play casino games today is the new features added. It makes our favorite games exciting and the best of all, have more chances to make profits. Some of the new features that is popular today at online casino is the multi-table. However, just like other gambling features, there’s also pros and cons of multi-table live dealer gaming you should be aware of.

Pros and Cons of Multi-Table Live Dealer Gaming

Multi-table live dealer gaming is basically a feature that allows a gambler to play with different kinds of casino games on a single screen. Some online casinos offer three to six different or same casino game for you to play simultaneously. Actually, this feature is not that hard to find. It is widely available at online Malaysia casinos provided by their casino software partners.

Pros and Cons of Multi-Table Live Dealer Gaming
Pros and Cons of Multi-Table Live Dealer Gaming

Pros of Multi-Table Live Dealer Gaming

The best advantage you will get by playing with multi-table live dealer games is that you can play with many games at the same time. With that, you can make profits much easier compared to playing with only one game.

Another thing that’s good about it is the games pace are fast. You don’t have to wait for the round to end to bet. Simply move to another table that you chose to open in multi-table and bet on it.

Multi-tabling a live dealer game like baccarat is perfect for streak bettors looking for winning streaks. The fast pace gameplay of baccarat is already enough to make fast profits, and if you open it with multi-table it’s even better.

Lastly, it is easy to move from one casino game to another. Since from the start you have determined what kind of live dealer games to play, switching is really convenient. Simply tap on the screen of the game and that’s it, you are betting on a different game.

Cons of Multi-Tabling

Playing with multiple live dealer games at the same time can be quite confusing especially for newbie gamblers. A player must have a great concentration skill and knowledge about each live dealer game he/she choose for multi-table.

Multi-tabling will be difficult for player that have a slow internet connectivity. This is because each live dealer game you have chosen to play in multi-table are streaming video from the studio. It may stutter if your connectivity is slow, it not just affect your games but your experience as well.

Strategy in Multi-Table

Using strategy in multi-table is possible but difficult if you don’t concentrate on your games. Also, if you play with different kinds of casino games, keeping track of your strategy like card counting is impossible.

One of the best strategy for multi-table gaming would be playing the same kind of live dealer game. This way it is easy to place wagers and stay focused. However, if you really want to play with different kinds of live dealer games, it is required to know the game really well before playing it.


Definitely one of the best features that you can find at online casinos today. However, you must know that there are pros and cons of multi-table live dealer gaming.

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