Play Magic of Oz Slot and Win Lots of Money

Play Magic of Oz Slot and Win Lots of Money

The word Oz is closely related to magic. The Oz character is a magician that can make your dreams come true. This is the sensation that you will get when playing Magic of Oz slot game. Play Magic of Oz and win lots of money, but let’s see the features of this game first.

Play Magic of Oz Slot and Win Lots of Money

Play Magic of Oz Slot and Win Lots of Money
Play Magic of Oz Slot and Win Lots of Money
  • What Game is This?

This is an online slot game which takes the theme from a fairy tale. Who doesn’t know the story of Oz where Dorothy and friends have adventures in Emerald city? Then there is a magician of Oz that really powerful and can give so many things just by swaying his wand. Based on that theme, GamesOS wants to give you a feeling that you can get what you want as fast as the magic. Playing this slot game will definitely be an experience through magic world.

This game consists of six reels with 80 pay lines. What a big number! So it will be wise to bet on several pay line at once. Because from that many pay lines, you can get a number of jackpots at once.

This game has so many bonuses that you need to double and even triple your winning. There are wild symbols, multiplier, free spin, bonus rounds and scatters. As you may guess, the symbols of these bonuses and also jackpot symbols are the characters of Oz story or something related into it. So it’s better to understand the symbols and what they stand for first.

You can play this online game easily without worrying much about your bank roll. You just need minimum eight coins to bet on this game. But, if you have an unlimited bank account, you can maximize the bet up to 800 coins.

  • Auto, Spin, or Turbo

In this Magic of Oz you have three different buttons that are beneficial for you. First, you need the Auto button. Press this button so the reels will spin for certain time by itself automatically. Usually, you can set how many times or turns you want it spins automatically. If not, you will be informed how many turns it will be.

The second is the Spin button. Just like the other spin buttons, this button will start the reels to spin. What you should do is just to wait until they stop and collect the jackpot. The third button is Turbo button. This button is so good for you who are not that patient in waiting the reels to spin. Turbo button will make the spins faster than usual, so you can get the jackpot immediately.

  • Awesome Jackpot

From all of these bonuses and features what can you get? Of course, it is an awesome jackpot. As you can conclude from the big bet, the jackpot can also be big. Get yourself and your bank roll ready to get a big hit of jackpot.

Play Magic of Oz and win lots of money is never a lie. It happens just like a magic. You can get a big hit without waiting for a long time. Just as simply as swishing a magician wand, you will get your big jackpots. Let’s play this game, Abracadabra!

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